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Na Hawai'i No Hawai'i


11AM - 10PM Monday - Thursday

11AM - 12AM Friday & Saturday

11AM - 9PM Sundays

74-5598 Luhia Street Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740


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At Ola Brew Co. everything we do is made possible by a passionate community of over 400 stakeholders, employees, and friends—most of them living and working right here in Hawai'i County.

This year we’re calling out to our community to help make the Ola Brew experience even better without relying on capital from big banks, corporate sponsors, or out-of-state VCs.

The plan is to begin serving food from an onsite kitchen, add a deck with outdoor seating, triple our brewing capacity with more fermenters, and to purchase four times more organic fruit and grain from local farmers.

Sounds great, right?! With your help we can make it happen and keep Ola Brew Co. community owned!

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Learn more about becoming a local stakeholder: Call or text: 808-646-1654 or email us at

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Ola Brew - Lager.jpg

IBU: 14 / ABV: 4.8%

Flavor and Balance: Light flavor, thin body, and high carbonation combined to create a highly refreshing beer.  Our lager has a combination of German and American hops that create a light, crisp beer perfect for our hot Kona days! 

History: First brewed in the mid-1900's, American Light Lagers achieved widespread popularity through targeted marketing in the 1970's.

Ola Brew - American Wheat.jpg

IBU:24 / ABV:4.9%

Flavor and Balance: Light malt flavor includes flour and bread notes from wheat. Hop characters varies from low to moderate and brewed with at least 50% malted wheat. Our wheat beer is refreshing on a hot day with citrusy and herbal notes.

History: It can be said that wheat beer is the oldest style still in existence today. More correctly, with it's mixture of barley and wheat grains, low to nonexistent hops presence, cloudy appearance, and often prominent yeast flavor, it is the brew most like the first beers brewed.

Ola Brew - Pale Ale.jpg

IBU:34 / ABV:5.8%

Flavor and Balance: Citrus and pine flavors of American varieties are evident, and most often the prominent flavor, in aroma and flavor. Low to medium malt base with some caramel and toast notes. Our Pale ale used hops emphasizing the forward citrus and earthy flavors, that are rounded with a spicy fruit finish.

History: A classic beer of the American craft beer movement. 

Ola Brew - IPA.jpg

IBU:65 / ABV:6.5%

Flavor and Balance: This style is defined by the assertive presence of American Hops in aroma, flavor, and bitterness. Resinous, citrus hop traits dominate aroma and flavor. Our IPA follows this flavor profile though we include hops that give the beer a spicy, herbal finish. 

History: The original "pale" ale of England, commonly exported to India and later adopted for domestic consumption. The first American interpretations of the IPA were brewed in the 1970's, and the style found widespread popularity beginning in the 1990's. 

Ola Brew - Watermelon Double IPA.jpg

IBU:85 / ABV:8.5%

Flavor and Balance: The Style is characterized by an extreme expression of the American hops and aroma, flavor, and bitterness. Maltiness may be subdued by the use of sugar to lighten the body.  Our Watermelon Double IPA compliments its fruit of choice with hops blending key notes of citrus, floral and earthy flavors.

Ola Brew - White Pineapple Cider.jpg

ABV: 6.0%

Our White Pineapple Cider is naturally sweetened with the juiciest fruits grown in Honoka’a. The blend of the brilliant straw-colored apple base and the pure white pineapple creates a beautiful hazy gold color. Sweet taste with a tart finish.

Ola Brew - Lychee Cider.jpg

ABV: 6.0%

We like to call this the Dry Dragon, in light of this new ultra-dry cider. Brewed with a montrachet yeast, our cider has the brut of a dry champagne, back-sweetened with our island grown dragonfruit Miloli’i and Kaimana Lychee from Honaunau.

Ola Brew - Tangelo Cider.jpg

ABV: 6.0%

Tangelos are in season, so we are putting them right in the mix; think specialty mimosa. The Kealakekua grown citrus have a sweet, full flavor, giving nice body to the apple cider base, and a clean crisp finish.

CIDER HISTORY: Until the 1900’s, cider was more widely consumed in the US than beer. Why?  Because grain had not yet become a common crop in the North-East, while apples flourished in the climate. We began our brewing journey here in Hawai’i with a similar dilemma; while there are a small amount of grain crops, they are all used for raising cattle in the pastures of Waimea. With so many tropical fruits at our disposal, cider was a natural starting point for us. Our cider base begins as medium dry cider, light in body, made from organic apples and our proprietary yeast blend .  Next, cider is back-sweetened with seasonal island-grown fruits, that lends to our mission of growing Hawai’i’s economy through utilizing and sourcing locally grown agriculture.


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Give your loved one a gift of Kailua Kona's freshest craft beer and cider! Ho'okupu Cards can be redeemed at the Ola Tap Room with no expiration you can come enjoy your pints on your time! 



Mahalo nui loa to all of you who came out to celebrate our Grand Opening. While we were opening our doors to welcome the thousands of you into our Brewery home, we felt such a warm welcome from you all as a new business in Old Industrial. Special thanks to the musicians and the foodtrucks that kept our guests fed and entertained as the beer and cider flowed. And to every one of you that contributed to the project and event, Mahalo Piha.

Me ke aloha pumehana,