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Ola Brew is a Big Island based brewery with two taprooms, one in Hilo and one in Kona. Our mission is to encourage growth in Hawai’i’s agricultural economy by purchasing local ingredients and incorporating them into our specialty brews.


We know that the quality of a product starts with great ingredients. That is why we enjoy using the freshest produce sourced from across our beautiful islands. We’re passionate about increasing the demand for local farmers not because it looks good on paper, but because we care about our community, the land that we call home, and the drinks that we create. 


Ola Brew is also proudly both employee and community owned. We have over 2800 small investors and 40+ employee-owners which results in a dedicated 'ohana of staff and an engaged community who support our vision for a more sustainable and abundant Hawai'i.

Get to know some of our amazing farmers here.

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