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From cellar and production staff who look after brewing, canning, and cleaning, to our draft techs, sales team, marketing, accounting, administrative support, bartenders, kitchen staff, and everyone else in between - we couldn't do what we do without each and every one of them!



Alfred Benjamin - Kona Kitchen

Alvin Sims - Kona Taproom Manager

Amira Armijo-Blindell - Hilo Taproom

Andrew Shell - Hilo

Anthony Priola - Wainaku Operations

Arianne Hiwa Ka'apuni - Hilo Taproom
Bala Brown - Kona Taproom

Brad Stanfill - Brewer

Benjamin Farish - Kona Operations

Brittany Shockey - Hilo Taproom

Carolyn Daquep - Hilo Kitchen

Catherine Bergbauer - Hilo Taproom

Chad Mokiao-Willing - Hilo Kitchen

Chavez Doi-Gonzalves - Hilo Kitchen
Deanne Nishimura-Thornton - Hilo Taproom
Dilon McLaughlin - Hilo Taproom

Evan Osias - Hilo Kitchen

Gabe Tuata - Kona Kitchen

Heu Hoponoa - Kona Taproom

Lopaka Lee - Kona Operartions

Imani Gentry - Hilo Taproom

Jadon Brown - Kona Taproom

James Evans - Hilo Kitchen

Jessie Bechab - Wainaku Operations

Joanna Brown - Kona Taproom

Josh Lopez Salboro - Kona Taproom

Julia Ribeiro - Hilo Taproom

Kainalu Mauga - Hilo Taproom

Kamuela Rapoza - Hilo Taproom

Kapena Gormley - Hilo Kitchen

Katie Bergbauer - Hilo Taproom

Kayla Costales - Hilo Taproom

Kendall Jones - Hilo Taproom

Kennix Llantero-Napiha'a - Sales / Distribution

Kiana Marote - O'ahu Sales Rep

Kukui Haumea - Hilo Taproom

Kyle Watai Kona Office

Leilani Lebrun-Ward - Kona Taproom

Leroy Rivera - Hilo Kitchen

Lokelani Ramos - Hilo Kitchen

Louie Ramirez - Hilo Kitchen

Malia Elmer - Hilo Taproom

Randy Cook - Kona Operations

Ryder (Kanekoa) Kurashige - Kona Taproom

Shane Stack - Kona Operations

Spencer Frawley - Hilo Taproom

Steve Macomber - Draft Tech

Stuart - Kona Operations

Thessica Akim Seu Kelly - Hilo Kitchen

Victor McDaniel - Kona Kitchen

Vincent Souza - Hilo Taproom

William Sylva - Hilo Kitchen

William Tavares - Kona Kitchen

Yvette Miller - Accounting

Zachary Kloster - Hilo Taproom

Zachary Paw'u - Hilo Taproom





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