Get Ma'a
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#getmaʻa! Now here’s a little story I got to tell about a certain type of beer that you know so well! It started way back in history with you boy Brett J, Nicholas and BUDDY! Get ma’a to our lager, the first beer we ever brewed...and check it out! Now it’s in cans and will be on the shelf soon soon soon!! Best for the beach and cruising in uncles garage talking story about the good ol’ days!

Watch the video here!

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Chris Whidden
If Can, Can!
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Thanks to @villagebeer, we just learned it’s Can Appreciation Day, so we wanted to not only highlight our pretty, shiny cans...and the fact that they are filled with super tasty beer and cider made right here in Kailua Kona... We also wanted to send a huge shout out to the @ballcorporation facility on Oahu (big ups Jeff and Simi) for making all of these shiny cans for us, @mauibrewingco @honolulubeer @waikikibrewco @koholabrewery @beerlabhi @mehanabrew and all the other locally canned products made and canned right here in Hawaii Nei! Fun fact and little cheat sheet for Hawaii made products: the ribs at the top of the can are the only style of can that @ballcorporation makes at their facility on Oahu, so that is the sure sign when you are searching store shelves to know, for sure what is canned here in Hawaii! By the way...anyone notice anything different about our #olaipa can?

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Chris Whidden
Made Possible by You
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Ola Brew is made possible by a small but committed community of local stakeholders who have been instrumental in bringing the company to life. Join this amazing group of people by investing in Ola Brew and becoming a local stakeholder today. Learn more at The campaign ends 4/30. There’s no minimum and every bit invested goes a long way towards increasing our brewing capacity and launching a new kitchen with onsite food!

Chris Whidden